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Promethean ActivWand

Activwand, Activwand 50, Promethean Activwand, Promethean Activwand 50
Promethean ActivWand
Promethean ActivWand 50

In the ActivClassroom, everyone-small, tall, same or different-can join the learning journey. ActivWand places inclusion within reach by putting a long, mouse-enabled pointer in the hands of those who most need it.

With its ergonomic handle and intuitive “click,” hover and rollover functions, ActivWand works just like a mouse and just like our ActivPen-just with a little more reach. Twenty-one inches of reach, to be exact. Enough for even the smallest learner to touch the top of the ActivBoard, plenty for differentlyabled students to fully participate, and even adequate for seated teachers to control the board with ease.

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Promethean ActivWand/ActivWand 50
Our ActivWand/ActivWand 50 makes the wonders of the ActivBoard accessible to any user—small or tall, standing or seated, inclusionary and intuitive. It offers the same long reach and mouse functionality that our ActivPens and original ActivWand have always delivered.

The ActivWand works is available for existing ActivBoards (*ActivBoard 64, 78, 87, 95).

The ActivWand 50 is designed specifically to work with our new ActivBoard Range (100, 300, and 300 Pro).

Models   ActivWand 50, ActivWand
Works with  

ActivWand 50 works with ActivBoard 100, ActivBoard 300 and ActivBoard 300 Pro; ActivWand works with ActivBoard 64, ActivBoard 78 and ActivBoard 95

Connectivity   Wireless, battery free
Operating Systems   Windows Vista, XP; MAC OS 10.4.11 and above; Linux Ubuntu 8.04

What are ActivWand and ActivWand 50?
ActivWand and ActivWand 50 are extended-reach, mouse-enabled pointers for use with Promethean ActivBoards.

What's the difference between ActivWand and ActivWand 50?
The original ActivWand is compatible with ActivBoard and ActivBoard+2; ActivWand 50 is compatible with the new ActivBoard 100, 300 and 300 Pro Ranges.

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