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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is relevant to every aspect of our lives and the importance of equipping students with these skills during their education is vital.

Nine out of ten firms need to employ STEM-skilled people within their departments. Yet, employers across all sectors are reporting a lack of STEM skills; and there is a significant decrease in the number of students following a career in STEM specific industries.

To improve this situation and ensure a secure and sound future for both our children and the country’s economy, it is vital that these skills are integrated into every aspect of learning. Teachers and students should understand the relevance of STEM in education and the career opportunities available.

LJ Create is passionate about closing the skills gap in these areas and ensuring our students are fully prepared for their careers. Our real world technology-based resources offer exciting opportunities to implement STEM into the curriculum and promote collaborative teaching.

Working with organisations, such as Tribal Education and the Royal Academy of Engineering, we have been actively involved in promoting STEM by running a series of hands-on workshops for practitioners looking to address this issue.

To view an example of one of our engaging STEM activities, please view the
Research & Design Video.

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