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Control and instrumentation systems are at the very heart of the technology-based world in which we live. The functions that they perform are crucial to the operation of products found in all aspects of everyday life. The automobiles we drive, the domestic appliances in our homes and the automated machines in the workplace – all involve the use of control and instrumentation systems. As we grow increasingly reliant on technology to monitor and control numerous production processes, we will depend to a great extent than ever before upon the services of maintenance/repair engineers and technicians, fully skilled in the design and maintenance of control and instrumentation systems.The LJ Create range of control and instrumentation training systems effectively address the need to teach students the complexities of control and instrumentation technology.

68000 Microprocessor Applications
Advanced Programmable Controllers
Analog and Digital Motor Control
Data Acquisition of Control Systems
Further Analog Motor Control
PIC Microcontroller Applications
PIC Microcontrollers
PIC32 Microcontrollers Extension Pack
Programmable Controllers
Transducers and Instrumentation
Z80 Microprocessor Applications
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