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Interactive Tools for Students

We provide a various family of Interactive Tools to assist directors and academics produce custom solutions tailored to the individual goals and wishes of any schoolroom, anywhere. The interactive tools enable academics to form lessons that actively have interaction students in inventive ways in which. They additionally enable America to use a spread of interactive net two.0 tools with our students during a means that enables all students to participate actively.

These sites will support best practices during a type of ways in which in school rooms. as an example, they'll be wont to deliver lesson content by providing advance organizers, support summarizing and notetaking skills, assigned as prep or apply, or for generating and testing hypotheses through historical inquiry or analysis. This Thing can spotlight some that are standard for his or her standards primarily based information activities.
Promethean ActivPen
Promethean ActivArena
Promethean ActivWand
Promethean ActivSlate
Promethean ActivTablet
Promethean ActivPanel
Promethean ActivRemote
Promethean ActiView
ActiView – Visualise Tool
From the ActivClassroom, every view is Spectacular
Educators the world over already jet across continents and traverse eons in full color and motion through our ActivBoard and ActivInspire software, but now learning journeys can become even more real—with our ActiView Visual Presenter.

Put any object under ActiView’s gooseneck-mounted lens and lamp combination and your treasures, text, even flora and fauna are projected in vivid detail on the ActivBoard. ActiView puts the whole wide world on display.
  • Versatile input modes, including photo, text, 35 mm slide, grayscale, microscope, and negative film.
  • Still and motion capture makes creating a custom library of images and video easy.
  • Auto settings including zoom, focus, and light-adjusting auto-tune.
  • Internal memory stores up to 120 JPEG images.
ActivArena – Interactive Tool
  • ActivArena enables most existing ActivBoards to use the Dual-User functionality.
  • Offers increased opportunity for collaboration and engagement in the classroom.
  • Two pens simultaneously enable students/pupils.
  • Promoting peer-to-peer learning.
ActivSlate - Immerse
In the ActivClassroom, nothing is static—subjects, lessons and especially participants and participation fully come alive. Light enough to be carried into the heart of any discussion.
  • Completely wireless, fully integrated, notebook-sized tablet – Small enough to sit on a student desk.
  • Long battery life with intuitive sleep mode and easy recharge
  • Up to 328 feet of freedom— control the ActivBoard from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Resolution: 8000 x 6000 (1000 points/lines per inch)
How do you get all the benefits of an Interactive whiteboard in a classroom or lecture theatre that’s just too big for... an Interactive whiteboard?

We sized up the problem and came up with an answer. The ActivPanel.

It’s a 15 inch lcd miniboard that plugs straight into your pc... operates wirelessly with ourunique and highly accurate mouse pen... and comes with our award winning ActivStudio software.
Of course, it’s not just a pointer: it hovers, clicks and is incredibly precise. Just like our unique mouse pen, you can hover over icons to find out what they do. You can roll over icons to reveal dropdown menus or web pages with flash features. So operating any software package, application, flash based content, web pages or multimedia running on an ActivBoard is child's play.
In The ActivClassroom, there are no quiet corners. Listening is important, and the ability to speak unstained above the noise is vital. We created ActivSound—audio enhancement for educators and students that makes every seat in the class a good one, no matter how lively the lesson gets.

ActivSound features a family of easy-to-use tool that interface with a mixer-amplifier to deliver even sound distribution. The system is versatile enough to fit any space, resulting in an enriched learning experience for everyone.
  • ActivSound makes audible speech intelligible and voice fatigue is reduced.
  • The pendant microphone is hands free and easy to wear.
  • The handheld microphone engages students and improves behavior and communication. The use of the handheld microphone helps students practice presenting their ideas in front of a group.
  • Digital recordings are easy with flexible connectivity options.
  • ActivSound brings your lessons to life with rich multimedia sound from your computer, DVD player, CD player or MP3 device.
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